About HealthOne Medical Centre - North York Medical Clinic

North York’s Full Service Health Facility
HealthOne Medical Centre is North York’s full service health facility. We offer complete health care solutions for the whole family including family doctors, walk in clinic, cardiology, dental care, optometry, physical rehabilitation and much more. Our licensed professionals are dedicated to each patient and will provide the most comprehensive and quality medical services in a modern, clean and caring environment.

We are located in the heart of North York at 5292 Yonge St, close to Finch and Sheppard.


North York Family Doctors and Optometry at HealthOne
As health care practitioners, we are truly privileged that our commitment and dedication is acknowledged by our patients. A patient’s testimonial is the highest level of reward that we can expect for our work.

The following are true testimonials submitted by our patients and posted with their permission.

  • Walk in Clinic North York

    My general doctor was very helpful regarding my skin condition, and also courteously asked me if I would want to be recommended to the dermatologist on site or somewhere else.

    I loved all the staffs on the dental side. Nancy was friendly and helpful in answering all my (stupid) questions. The dentist, was very patient and explained my condition step by step, so that I could understand. The hygienist was chatty, and I did not feel like I was in a clinic (have had bitter experiences in other clinics).

    And, I cannot stress about the convenience of everything being in the same location.

  • Walk in Clinic North York

    My experience with HealthOne center was extraordinary thanks to the amazing doctor along with her great colleagues. A great team and very helpful staff.

    Ahmad S.
  • Walk in Clinic North York

    Super helpful to have all our appointments in once clinic. The dentist office has been especially friendly and thorough with us as patients.

    Joanna J.
  • Walk in Clinic North York

    I really like HealthOne. First of all, the medical staff is great, kind and helpful. I am specifically grateful for the support of the Dental Care staff. The doctor, is extremely kind, friendly and conscientious. She has got all the positive factors that a doctor should have.

    Azadeh S.
  • Walk in Clinic North York

    My first visit to HealthOne was excellent, the staff was very professional and the hygienist that work on me was great. Now i'm a regular customer to Health One clinic and am very happy with the work that they are doing.

    Merlyna D.